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Government of Jammu & Kashmir
Social Welfare Department
Civil Secretariat, Srinagar.

Subject: Final Seniority list of the Assistant Child Development Project Officers, Tehsil Social
Welfare Officers and Superintendents of Bal Ashrams/Institutions/Homes.
Government Order No. 207 -SW of 2013
D a t e d 04 -10- 2013

Whereas the combined tentative seniority list of ACDPOs/ Tehsil Social Welfare
Officers/ Superintendent of Bal Ashrams/ Institutions/ Home of Social Welfare Department (Non-
Gazetted) Services was issued vide Circular No. SWB/Gaz/44/2003/S dated 10-01-2013 for inviting
objections, if any, from the concerned officials in respect of the positions assigned to them; and
Whereas, objections were received from various officials, largely requesting for:
i) Inclusion of their names in the seniority list.
ii) Change of the position, assigned to them in the tentative seniority list.
iii) Change in the date of birth/ qualifications reflected against them in the
tentative seniority list.
iv) Deletion of names of some of the officers; and
Whereas, the objections were examined with reference to the available records and
the Recruitment Rules governing the filed; and
Whereas, the amendments, were made/incorporated in the seniority list wherever necessary,
together with deletion of names of some of the officers figuring in the tentative seniority list due to
their confirmation as CDPO/ equivalent on the recommendation of DPC/ PSC order vide Govt. Order
No. 205-SW of 2013 dated 30.09.2013.
Now therefore, the final seniority list of ACDPOs/ Tehsil Social Welfare Officers/ equivalent
as it existed on 01.10.2013, is hereby issued as per Annexure-A to this order under rule 24 of the
J&K Civil Service(Classification Control and Appeal) Rules, 1956.
The seniority list is being issued without prejudice to and subject to the outcome of writ
petitions, if any, pending before any competent court of law on the date of issue of this order.
Any officer who may feel aggrieved with his placement in the seniority list may file a review
petition in the Social Welfare Department (Administrative Department) through the concerned
Directors within 10 days from the date of the issue of this order.
The dates of birth of officers mentioned in the list shall not be taken as authentic unless it
corresponds to the date of birth recorded in his/her service book/original Date of Birth certificate.
By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.
Mohammad Shafi Rather(IAS)
Secretary to Government
Social Welfare Department
No. SWD/Gaz/44/2003/S Dated 04 -10-2013
Copy to the:-
1. Director, Social Welfare, Kashmir/Jammu.
2. Director Information for publication in two leading dailies news papers, both at Srinagar/ Jammu.
3. Special Assistant to Hon’ble Minister, Social Welfare Department.
4. PS to Secretary to Government, Social Welfare Department.
5. All concerned officials.
6. Govt. Order file w.2.s.c.
Under Secretary to Government,
Social Welfare Department
Annexure “A” to Government Order No 207-SW of 2013 dated 04. 10-2013
S.No. Name with designation Date of
Date of
Date of
in the present
1. Rifat Qureshi, ACDPO 09.09.1956 08.04.1982 12.07.1996 MA
2. Gulnar Banoo, TSWO 07.11.1962 08.08.1983 04.06.1998 Matric ST
3. Syed Aga Jamal, TSWO 04.04.1967 29.09.1993 01.08.2003 MA ST
4. Mehmooda Bano 19.07.1955 12.10.1976 27.08.2003 BA
5. Vidya Devi TSWO 11.02.1957 03.10.1978 15.10.2003 Matric SC
6. Bureeeda Majeed, TSWO 08.08.1967 18.07.1996 15.10.2003 MSC
7. Tarsem Lal, TSWO 13.03.1955 01.03.1978 01.09.2004 Matric
8. Krishan Lal, TSWO 20.01.1956 01.10.2004 Matric
9. Name-ul-Nisa, TSWO 20.05.1968 01.09.1997 30.12.2004 MA
10. Sunita Devi, ACDPO 29.10.1956 11.10.1983 01.01.2005 MA SC
11. Kunzum Dloma, Supdt. 07.02.1956 12.02.1975 04.02.2005 Matric
12. Rehana Parveen, TSWO 20.05.1964 21.07.1987 01.04.2005 Matric ST
13. Sukrita Gupta, ACDPO 02.04.1960 10.11.1983 01.05.2005 BA
14. Masooda Akhter, TSWO 01.04.1963 12.09.1991 01.04.2006 MA
15. Abdul Rashid, TSWO 02.01.1956 14.07.1978 01.04.2006 Matric
16. Nusrat Bushra, ACDPO 21.02.1959 10.11.1983 01.04.2006 BA
17. Gulshan Rani, TSWO 18.03.1956 18.07.1978 01.04.2006 Matric
18. Mubian Begum, TSWO 20.05.1958 12.07.1978 01.04.2006 Matric
19. K.K.Kotwal, TSWO 30.03.1958 29.09.1978 10.04.2006 Matric
20. Parvesh Kumari, ACDPO 12.07.1960 10.11.1983 01.05.2006 BA
21. Sakeela Bano, ACDPO 14.11.1959 10.11.1983 01.10.2006 BA
22. Sayeeda Parveen 04.01.1962 10.11.1983 01.02.2007 MA
23. Champa Sharma,
15.09.1958 10.11.1983 01.05.2007 BA
24. Razia Begum, TSWO 11.08.1957 23.05.1978 01.05.2007 Matric
25. Parveen Akhter, ACDPO 10.12.1964 03.03.1997 01.09.2007 BA ST
26. Sham Lal, TSWO 01.08.1955 09.01.1979 01.07.2008 Matric
27. Krishana Kumari, TSWO 25.11.1955 18.01.1979 01.07.2008 Matric SC
28. Romesh Chander, TSWO 08.03.1955 11.01.1979 01.07.2008 Matric OSC
29. Tsering Tolker, TSWO 01.02.1959 23.11.1979 01.07.2008 Matric
30. Altaf Hussain Bhat,
25.03.1968 29.10.1999 18.07.2008 BA
31. Ghulam Fatima, TSWO 15.02.1956 31.01.1977 01.08.2009 Matric
32. Farooq Ahmed Wani,
22.05.1961 05.09.1992 01.08.2009 MA
33. Naseema Ahad, TSWO 03.05.1957 16.11.1978 01.08.2009 Matric
34. Wali Mohd, Gilkar,
15.04.1957 22.01.1979 01.08.2009 Matric
35. Taja Bano, TSWO 13.09.1957 20.11.1978 01.08.2009 Matric
36. Nigeena Akhter, TSWO 02.11.1956 28.02.1979 01.08.2009 Matric
37. Hafiza Akhter (Gatoo)
10.06.1956 28.02.1979 01.08.2009 Matric
38. Ibad-ur-Rehman, TSWO 03.10.1973 10.09.1999 01.04.2011 BSC
39. Sidiqa Bano, Supdt. 01.05.1967 08.10.1988 01.09.2011 Matric ST
Under Secretary to Government,
Social Welfare Department

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