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Assistant Commissioner Development.
Subject: Engagement of Accountant-cum-Data Entry Operators on contractual basis under Rajiv
Gandhi Panchayat Shashaktikaran Abhiyan (RGPSA) Scheme.
Reference: Government order No. 230-RD & PR of 2014 dated 24-07-2014 read with corrigendum
issued under No. RD/Panch/74/2014 dated 5-8-2014
Shortlist-cum-interview Notice
Whereas, in pursuance of above Government order, applications on prescribed format were invited from
the permanent residents of District Ganderbal, hailing from Panchayat Halqa namely Hariganiwan A, Preng A & B,
Akhal B, Thune A, Hayan Palepora, Hariganiwan B, Wussan A and Hariganiwan B of Block Kangan vide this office
Notice No 01 ACD of 2014 dated 23.08.2014 issued under endorsement No: ACD/Adv/ RPGSA/2014/3498-3501
dated. 23 .08.2014 and for Panchayat Halqa Arch, Search, Wayil, Buserbugh, Hadoora, Rabitar, Budrekund
and Shallebugh B of Block Ganderbal, Panchayat Halqa Haripora, Manigam B, Theru, Repora A and Lar B of
Block Lar and Panchayat Halqa Kurhamma, Guzehamma, Safapora A and Waskura A of Block Wakoora vide this
office Notice No. 03 ACD of 2014 dated. 14.10.2014 issued under endorsement No: ACD/Adv/ RPGSA/2014/4444-49 dated. 14.10.2014 for engagement as Accountant-cum-Data Entry Operators on contractual basis under Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Shashaktikaran Abhiyan (RGPSA) Scheme for a period of four years on monthly honorarium of 8000/- per month. Whereas, the shortlist-cum-interview notice has been carved out on the basis of 10+02 which is here under and objections if any in this behalf shall be filed within three days after issuance of this notice in the office of under signed after passing the given period no claim whatsoever shall be entertained, in addition the interview as wellas computer test to be held on the dates shown against each candidate at 11:00 AM every day:- S. No Name of the applicant/ Parantage/Residence Block Panchayat
Halqa|DOB Date of interview
1 Irfan Maqbool Bhat S/O M. Maqbool R/O Rengil
Rengil 04.02.1989 03.02.2015
5 Adil Bashir S/O Bashir Ah Parray R/O Wail Wayil 15.12.1993
56 Sheemu Rashid D/O Abdul Rashid Wani R/O Wayi Wayil 01.02.1992
156 Yasir Shafi Shah S/O Mohd Shafi R/O Wayil Wayil 04..06.1990
48 Khursheed Ah Parray S/O Ali Mohammad R/o Wayil Wayil 11.05.1981
82 Ruqiya Manzoor S/o Manzoor Ah Rather R/o Wayil Wayil 01.01.1987
64 Mukhtar Ah Guroo S/O Ab. Aziz R/O Rabitar Rabitar 12.12.1988
8 M. Javaid Khuru S/O Fateh Mohammad R/O Rabitar Rabitar 16.07.1994
60 Mehraj-u-din Guroo S/O Ab. Aziz R/O Rabitar Rabitar 30.12.1994
58 Javaid Ah Dar D/O M Sultan R/O Gundi Roshan Rabitar 17.10.1988
91 Aijaz Ah Dar S/O Gh. Mohammad R/O Rabitar Rabitar 10.04.1994
114 Tanveer Ah Pala S/O Nazir Ah R/O Hadoora Hadoora 08.10.1991
128 Afried-ul-Isla Dar S/o Gh Nabi R/o Hadoora Hadoora 12.03.1993
47 Zubair Ah Wani S/o Ali Mohammad R/o Hadoora Hadoora 16.07.1995
132 Adil Ah Bhat S/O Bashir Ah R/O Hadoora Hadoora 12.04.1993
26 Showkat Ah Bhat S/O Bashir Ah R/o Hadoor Hadoora 05.08.1993
33 Nadiya S/O Nazir Ah R/O Search Search 15.06.1991
191 Oyas Ah Rather S/O Nazir Ah R/O Search Search 08.08.1991
73 Zahoor Ah Zahoor S/O Ab. Ahad Ahanger R/O Search Search 21.10.1990
105 Shahzad Ah Rather S/O Ab. Rashid R/O Search Search 02.02.1992
34 Owais Javaid Sofi S/O Javaid Hussain R/O Search Search 26.10.1990
112 Ishfaq Akbar Malik S/O M Akbar R/O Buserbugh Buserbugh 05.09.1994
122 Rayees Ah Qurashi S/O Mushtaq Ah R/O Buserbugh Buserbugh 03.10.1982
16 Zahoor Ah Rather S/o Gh. Nabi R/o Buserbugh Buserbugh 03.04.1987
35 Aijaz Ah Gujree S/O Jalal-u-din R/O Buserbugh Buserbugh 01.06.1984
46 Waseem Akram Mir S/o Ali Mohammad R/o Buserbugh Buserbugh 26.07.1990
172 Parwaiz Ah Khan S/O Gh Nabi R/O Budrekund Budrekund 08.11.1994
32 Neloofer Yaseen D/O M. Yaseen Baba R/O Bandaybagh Budrekund 15.12.1992
65 Mubeen a Banoo D/O M Shafi Baba R/O Bandaybagh Budrekund 21.07.1989
106 Shabnum Amin D/O Mohammad Amin R/O Budrekund Budrekund 22.07.1989
90 Ishfaq Manzoor Khan S/O Manzoor Ah R/O Budrekund Budrekund 29.11.1992
66 M Maqbool Ganaie S/o Gh Rasool Ganaie R/O Shallebugh Shallebugh B 10.11.1993
131 Ab. Majid Khanday S/O Gh. Rasool R/o Shallebugh Shallebugh B 29.10.1985
108 Shabir Ah Khanday S/o M Ashraf R/O Shallebugh Shallebugh B 01.11.1991
181 Ajaz Ah Bhat S/O Gh. Hassan R/O Shallebugh Shallebugh B 17.08.1990
39 Mubasher Ah Dar S/o Nazir Ah R/o Shallebugh Shallebugh B 15.09.1995
87 Sameer Ah Rather S/O Farooq Ah R/O Babosipora Arch 15.05.1991
76 Rifat Quirashie D/O Noor Mohammad R/O Arch Arch 15.01.1990
75 Zahoor Ah Bhat S/O Ab. Khaliq R/O Arch Arch 21.12.1987
135 Mehraj-u-din Dar S/O Farooq Ahmad R/O Arch Arch 07.01.1993
49 Rohina Akhter D/O Ab. Gani Tantray R/O Arch Arch 02.03.1989
41 Adil Hamid Ganaie S/o Ab. Hameed R/o Dursum Manigam
Manigam B 06.09.1991
42 Shaid Hamid Ganaie S/o Ab. Hameed R/o Dursum Manigam Manigam B 16.03.1993
59 Rafia Ather D/O Gh. Mohi-u-din Hajam R/O Manigam Manigam B 07.09.1991
45 Bisma Ali D/o Ali M Rather R/o Durepoar Manigam Manigam B 05.09.1993
193 M Rafiq Hajam S/O M Subhan R/O Manigam
Manigam B 10.03.1983
54 Asma Naseer S/O Naseer Ah Sheikh R/O Lar Lar B 21.10.1993
6 Rizwana Assad D/O Assdullah Mir R/O Lar Lar B 10.11.1989
80 Minhaj Yousuf S/O M Yousuf R/O Lar Lar B 03.11.1995
79 Sheikh Jaffar Yousuf S/O M Yousuf R/O Lar Lar B 15.06.1993
72 M Yasin Bhat S/O Gh. Mohammad R/O Lar Lar B 01.01.1983
120 Ummer Iqbal Shah S/O Gh. Mohd R/O Haripora Haripora 10.10.1994
121 Naseer-ud-din Shah S/O Mohammad Amin R/O Haripora Haripora 08.10.1992 05.02.2015
169 Aadil Bashir Magray S/O Bashir Ah R/O Haripora Haripora 05.10.1992
Shaista Hassan D/O Gh. Hassan Chesti R/O Haripora
10 Muneera Akhter S/o Gh. Ah. Malik R/o Haripora Haripora 13.09.1991
192 Mudasar Maqbool Bhat S/O M Maqbool R/O Repora Repora A 10.11.1993
110 Ishfaq Ah Mir S/O Gh Hassan R/O Repora Repora A 01.01.1987
109 Afaq Ah Mir S/O Gh. Hassan R/O Repora Repora A 06.11.1987
101 Arshid Iqbal Rashie S/O M Aasan R/O Repora Repora A 01.04.1987
98 Farooz Ah Mir S/O Gh Mohammad R/O Repora Repora A 01.01.1985
170 Peer Suhail Altaf S/O M Altaf R/O Theru Theru 01.03.1994
171 Peer Shahid Bilal S/O Peer Bilal Ah R/O Theru Theru 04.03.1996
168 Jaan Mohammad Wagay S/O Ab. Khaliq R/O Theru Theru 11.06.1995
84 Abid Amin Bhat S/o Mohammad Amin R/o Theru Theru 01.10.1986
51 M Shafi Zarger S/o Gh Nabi R/o Theru Theru 02.04.1987
118 Tariq Ah Bhat S/o Bashir Ah R/o Guzhamma
Guzhamma 20.10.1991
140 Mir M. Umer Farooq S/O M Farooq R/O Guzehmma Guzhamma 15.10.1991
93 Dar Reyees Ah S/o Ab. Ahad R/o Khanpora Guzhamma 10.08.1989
37 Ab. Hamid Sheikh S/O Farooq Ah R/O Khanpora Guzhamma 30.03.1992
20 Hanzal Gani S/O Ab. Gani Mir R/O Guzhama Guzhamma 04.04.1992
38 Javaid Ah Dar S/o Gh. Rasool R/o Waskura Waskura A 05.12.1991
68 M. Ishaq Tali S/o Bashir Ah R/o Waskura Waskura A 01.01.1993
151 Mohsin Nabi Mir S/O Gh. Nabi R/O Ahan Waskura A 16.08.1989
177 Masrat Hamid D/O Ab. Hamid Rather R/O Waskura Waskura A 03.02.1993
15 Abida Parveen D/o Gh. Qadir Malik R/o Waskura Waskura A 17.10.1992
103 Gul Asif Rather S/O Assad- ullah R/O kurhama Kurhamma 06.03.1994
115 Aijaz Ah Kumar S/O Bashir Ah R/O Kurhamma Kurhamma 18.02.1991
165 Ishfaq Ahmad Hajam S/o Gh Ah R/o Kurhamma Kurhamma 04.02.1993
149 Sheeraza Akhter S/O G M Bhat R/O Praypora Kurhamma 14.01.1993
147 Asmat D/O G M Bhat R/O Kurhamma Kurhamma 11.01.1989
102 Madeeha Muneer S/O Mukhtar Iqbal R/O Safapora Safapora A 01.07.1987
96 Towseef Ah Bhat S/o M Maqbool R/o Safapora Safapora A 10.11.1986
155 Ulfat Jan D/O Nazir Ah Zarger R/O Pehlipora Safapora Safapora A 21.10.1990
178 Mehnaz Khurshid D/O Khurshid Ah Bhat R/O Safapora Batepora Safapora A 23.12.1990
139 Imtiyaz Ah PArray S/O Nizam-u-din R/O Manasbal Safapora Safapora A 27.08.1979
16 Umer Bashir S/O Bashi Ahmad R/O Preng
Preng B 12.01.1992
10 Hilal Ah Chopan S/O Bashir Ah. R/O Preng Preng B 05.05.1991
58 Morifath Amin S/O Mohammad Amin Wani R/O Preng Preng B 01.04.1992
6 Jamsheed ah Rather S/O Gh. Qadir R/O Preng Preng B 01.03.1989
1 Gh. Hassan Malik S/O Gh. Mohammad R/O Lari Preng Preng B 16.11.1986
2 Danish Shafi Parray S/O Mohammad Shafi R/O Preng Preng A 01.02.1995
15 Mohammad Rafiq Bhat S/O Gh. Mohammad R/O Preng Preng A 11.03.1992
32 Nusrat Jan S/O M. Qasim Mir R/O Lari Preng Preng A 11.03.1993
24 Gh. Qadir Bhat S/O Gh. Hassan R/O Preng Preng A 03.06.1982
55 Shameema Akhter S/O G M Ahanger R/O Preng Preng A 01.02.1984
5 Gousiya Rasool S/O Gh. Rasool Sheikh R/O Wussan Wussan A 29.10.1995
48 Asmat Bashir S/O Bashir Ahamad R/O Wussan Checkpora Wussan A 03.04.1992
11 Tanveer ah. Raina S/O Ab. Hamid R/O Wussan Wussan A 15.04.1995
14 Naseer Ah Dar S/O Mohammad Maqbool R/O Wussan Wussan A 05.01.1991
29 Irfan Ah Raina S/O Mohammad Ibrahim R/O Wussan Wussan A 16.04.1995
50 Ishfaq Ahmad Shah S/O Gulza Ah. R/O Thune Thune A 03.02.1991
37 Manzoor Ah Ahanger S/O Gh. Ahmad R/O Thune Thune A 03.03.1987
9 M. Asif Najar S/O Parvaiz Ah R/O Thune Thune A 06.04.1989
52 Mohammad Hanief Lalas S/O Ab. Majid R/O Thune Thune A 03.01.1988
13 Aijaz Ah Lone S/O Gh. Mohammad R/O Thune Thune A 05.03.1985
21 Arshed Ah Mir S/O Ab. Rashid R/O Kangan Kangan A 12.05.1989
33 Ishfaq Manzoor Rather S/O Manzoor Ah R/O Kangan Kangan A 12.10.1993
19 Mohammad Iqbal Raina S/O Gh. Nabi R/O Kangan Kangan A 05.12.1992
43 Ruqsana Akhter S/O Gh. Hassan Rahter R/O Lari Preng Kangan A 25.11.1993
7 Rubeena Muzaffer S/O Muzaffer Ah. Rather R/O Kangan Kangan A 08.10.1990
53 M. Akbar Paswal S/O Mohammad Sadiq R/O Hariganiwan Hariganiwan A 10.10.1991
25 Mudasir Ah Kasana S/O Gh. Nabi R/O Hariganiwan Hariganiwan A 05.02.1988
51 Javaid Ah. Kasana S/O Mohammad Sooba R/O Hariganiwan Hariganiwan A 01.04.1979
26 Rafakat Hassan Khatana S/O Noor Hassan R/O Hariganwan Hariganiwan A 10.11.1985
56 Arifat Hamid D/O Ab. Hamid Wani R/O Hayenpalepora Hayenpalepora 01.04.1990
38 Sameer Yousuf Bhat S/O Mohammad Yousuf R/O Lari Preng Hayenpalepora 07.01.1994
46 Javaid Ah. Lone S/O Lt. Ab. Rahim R/O Hayanpalepor Hayenpalepora 01.01.1991
39 Masrat Yousuf S/O M. Yousuf Bhat R/O Hayenpalepora Hayenpalepora 11.01.1993
36 Ashaq Ah Ganaie S/O Gh. Qadir R/O Hayenpalepora Hayenpalepora 17.03.1982
64 M. Ehsan-ul-haq Baba S/O Iftikhar Ah R/O Akhal Akhal B 22.07.1990
60 M. Rafiq Wagay S/O Sonaullah R/O Akhal Akhal B 01.09.1989
59 Umer John Khan S/O M. Shafi Khan R/O Batepora Akhal Akhal B 16.09.1992
54 Zahid Ahamd Shah S/O Manzoor Ah R/O Akhal Akhal B 24.12.1992
4 Waseem Raja Sheikh S/O M Ramzan R/O Akhal Akhal B 16.02.1993
Project Officer Wage Employment,
Assistant Commissioner Development,
No: ACD/Adv/ RGPSA/2014/ 6718-25 Dated: 24 .01.2015
Copy to the:-
1. Secretary to Government, Department of Rural Development J&K Jammu for information.
2. Director Rural Development Kashmir for information.
3. District Development Commissioner Ganderbal for information.
4. Joint Director Information for information with the request that the interview-cum-shortlist notice may be published in two leading dailies of Kashmir Division.
5. Block Development Officer Ganderbal/Lar/Kangan and Wakoora for information and wide publicity in the concerned Halqa.

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