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Government of Jammu and Kashmir

Social Welfare Department

Subject: Tentative seniority list of Social Welfare (Gazetted) Service as it  stood on 01.01.2012. 


    Whereas; a final seniority list of the members of the J&K Social Welfare (Gazetted) Service, as it stood on 01-01-2004, was notified vide   Govt. order No.129-SW of 2004 dated 31-05-2004;Whereas, a revised seniority list of J&K Social Welfare (G) service is required to be issued as it stood on 01.01.2012 in view of appointment of several officers in the Department by direct recruitment or promotions since 31.5.2004

    Whereas, the direct recruits of the year 2004 batch approached the Hon’ble High Court of J&K through  the medium of SWP No.1822 of 2010 titled Raj MohdV/s State and others challenging the retrospective regularization of 11 officers  of the Department on the plea that these officer were not eligible for retrospective promotion;Whereas, the Hon’ble Court while disposing of CMP No. 2546/2010 directed that ” the retrospective effect given to the promotion of  respondents No. 7 to 17 Vide Govt. order No. 134-SW of 2010 dated 28-06-2010 shall remain stayed, till next date of hearing ;Whereas, the Hon’be Court in another order issued in CMP No. 2798/2011 ordered that “the respondents are at liberty to accord consideration to the case of petitioners in accordance with the rules”;Whereas, in compliance to Hon’ble Court orders the Commissioner/Secretary to Government, Social Welfare Department deliberated the matter with the representative(s) of petitioners/officers of the Department and the concerned officers left it  to the discretion  of the Commissioner/Secretary to Government Social Welfare Department to settle the issue as per deliberations;

    Whereas, consideration for promotion of a number of officers  has been deffered by the DPC for want of vigilance clearance, integrity certificate etc. as such their position in the seniority list shall be determined only after their clearance by the DPC.Whereas, in consideration of above facts and rules governing the seniority determation, tentative seniority list as it stood on 1.1.2012 has been prepared on the basis of substantive appointment to grade 7500-12000 (pre-revised)

    Now, therefore, the tentative seniority list of the member of J&K Social Welfare Gazetted service as it stood on 1.1.2012  as per annexure “A” to this notification is hereby issued for inviting  objections if any,   from the concerned officers in respect of the position assigned to them;The objection, if any, must reach the office of the Commissioner secretary to Government Social Welfare Department,  within a period of 10 days from the date of publication of the notification in the Newspapers. No representation/objection shall be entertained after the expiry of the stipulated date.


(Jeet Lal Gupta) IAS

Commissioner/Secretary to Government

            • Social Welfare Department

No:SWB/Gaz/30/2005             Dated; 24.08.2012

Copy to the:

  1. Secretary to Government, General Adm. Department
  2. Director Social Welfare Department Jammu/Kashmir
  3. Director, Information J&K Srinagar. He is requested to kindly get the notice published in the two leading daily News Papers Jammu/Kashmir
  4. OSD/Additional Secretary to Hon’ble Minister for Social Welfare for Information of Hon’ble Minister
  5. Special Assistant to Hon’ble Minister of State for Social Welfare
  6. Private Secretary to Commissioner/Secretary to Government, Social Welfare Department for information of the Commissioner
  7. All concerned officers
  8. Government order file
  9. Stock file.

              • Under Secretary to Government

              • Social Welfare Department


    Annexure “A”

    Tentative seniority list of J&K Social Welfare (Gazetted) Service  as it stood as on 01.01.2012

Sr. No Name of the officers Category Dated of promotion to the  grade of 7500-12000, pre-revised. Remarks
1. Mohammad Hassan Lal ST 13.11.1998
2. Kamla Devi SC 01.07.1999
3. Fatima Yasin Retired on 07-2010 01.04.2000 Shown only for purpose of promotion benefits if otherwise eligible
4. Misra Jabeen General 01.05.2000
5. Reenu Sareen -do- 01.11.2001
6. Kanta Sharma -do- 01.05.2002
7 Shaheeda Parveen - 01.05.2002
8 Suman Bala 01.06.2002
9 Mehbooba Ismail Retired on 30-06-2012 10.06.2002 Shown only for purpose of promotion benefits if otherwise eligible
10 Sharief-Un-Nisa 01.07.2002
11 Zeenat Ara 01-07-2002
12 Sudershan Kumar 16.01.2003
13 Ashwani Kumar 16.01.2003
14 Kachroo Turab Shah ST 01.04.2003
15 Mohd Farooq 22.10.2003
16 D.C.Bhatti SC 22.10.2003
17 Madan Lal Sharma 22.10.2003
18 Masrat Hasham 23-07-2004
19 Sonali Arun Gupta 23-07-2004
20 Atul Gupta 23-07-2004
21 Retu Mahajan 23-07-2004
22 Tabasum Shafat Kamili 23-07-2004
23 Harbans Lal 23-07-2004
24 Mohd Anwar Banday 23-07-2004
25 Syed Shabir Ahmad 23-07-2004
26 Depika Rana 23-07-2004
27 Mohd Ashjraf Sheikh 23-07-2004
28 Khalid Hussain Malik 23-07-2004
29 Ansya Jamwal 23-07-2004
30 Satish Kumar 23-07-2004
31 Rakesh Kumar 23-07-2004
32 Anil Sharma 23-07-2004
33 Reyaz Ahmad Shah 23-07-2004
34 Rajive Singh 23-07-2004
35 Sachin Jamwal 23-07-2004
36 Mohd Asdulah Rather 23-07-2004
37 Qazi Irfan Rasool Zargar 23-07-2004
38 Wasim Raja Dar 23-07-2004
39 Suresh Chander RBA 23-07-2004
40 Naresh Kumar 23-07-2004
41 Gh. Nabi Bhat 23-07-2004
42 Narinder Kaur RBA Notionally from 23-07-2004.
43 Vidushi Kapoor 23-07-2004
44 Manoj Kumar 23-07-2004
45 Prem Singh RBA 23-07-2004
46 Zakir Hussain ALC 23-07-2004
47 Zahoor Ahmed Raina RBA 23-07-2004
48 Reyaz Ahmed Beigh 23-07-2004
49 Hamida Akhter RBA 23-07-2004
50 Samar Naik 23-07-2004
51 Shahid Mehmood RBA 23-07-2004
52 Raj Mohd RBA 23-07-2004
53 Kanchan Bala SC 23-07-2004
54 Tsring Paldan ST 23-07-2004
55 Mohd Ashraf ST 23-07-2004
56 Mohd Aslam ST 23-07-2004
57 Gh. Raza Retd.31-07-10 30-12-2004 Shown only for purpose of promotion benefits if otherwise eligible
58 Usha Kumari 30.12.2004
59 Chander Kanta 30.12.2004
60 Shazada Wani 30.12.2004
61 Fatima Bhat 30-12-2004
62 Rashida Akhter 30.12.2004
63 Gh. Mohi-ud-Din 01.04.2005
64 Bhajan Kour 01.05.2005
65 Saima Rahim 01.08.2005
66 Bilquees Jan 01.08.2005
67 Nighat Majeed 01.08.2005
68 Saleem Ahmad 01.08.2005
69 Kamlesh rani 01.04.2006
70 Zubair Hussain Shah RBA 01.05.2006
71 Bharti Sharma 01.07.2006
72 Prem Prabha 01.10.2006
73 Nargis Bano 01-02-2007
74 Kamlesh Choudhary 01-02-2007
75 Amar Jyoti Raina 01-05-2007
76 Zarina Kousar 01-05-2007
77 Shashi Bala 01-05-2007
78 Sushma Gupta 01-05-2007
79 Supriya Kohli 03-04-2008
80 Seema Bharti SC 03-04-2008
81 Kaiser Ahmad Bhawani RBA 03-04-2008
82 Varunjeet Charak RBA 03-04-2008
83 Kishore Singh RBA 03-04-2008
84 Freed Ahmed ST IS) 03-04-2008
85 Surinder Paul Sharma LAC 03-04-2008
86 Sudhir Bali LAC 03-04-2008
87 Rajeev Kumar SLC(CDP) 03-04-2008
88 Jasmeet singh 27-08-2008
89 Saleem Beigh 15-10-2008
90 Coni Sethi 01-11-2008
91 Babu Ram Tandon 01-11-2008
92 Kul Raj Singh 01-11-2008
93 Pritam lal 30-12-2008
94 Mushtaq Ahmad Chowdhar 30-12-2008
95 Rigzin Spalgon 30-12-2008

              • Under Secretary to Government

              • Social Welfare Department

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