PM Modi in Siachen and Srinagar on Diwali Print
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altJPNN| New Delhi | Oct 23, 2014 |Prime Minister Narendra Modi today visited Siachen to spend some time with soldiers on Diwali and convey the message there that every Indian stands shoulder-to- shoulder with them. He went to Siachen before travelling to Srinagar to spend time with the flood-affected people on the festival of lights. "Friends, I am leaving for Siachen Glacier.It's my good fortune that I will be able to spend time with our brave soldiers on this special day," Modi tweeted, before embarking on the visit."Am going to Siachen with a message from each

and every Indian to our soldiers- that we stand shoulder to shoulder with you," he said. Praising the country's sentinels, Modi said, "Be it the altitude or bitter cold, nothing deters our soldiers.They stand there, serving our Nation. They make us truly proud." After his brief visit to Siachen, Modi will travel to Srinagar to meet the flood victims. "After the Siachen visit I will continue with my scheduled visit to Srinagar to spend time with those affected due to the recent floods," Modi said on the micro-blogging site. He further said, "Everyone is aware of the extreme conditions at Siachen. Overcoming every challenge our soldiers stand firm, protecting our Motherland." Agency

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