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Jehlum Post News| Srinagar| Nov 9, 2014| Chairman Hurriyat Conference has asked Ram Jethmalani to identify those altpro-freedom political leaders that want to be with India. While commenting over recent statement of Ram Jethmalani, Syed Ali Geelani said that it is not right to create confusion and doubts about pro-freedom leadership, said Syed Ali Geelani and added if he is true then India in no case should delay plebiscite. We have rejected four point formula of Parvez Musharraf as it does not serve any purpose and we think it is against the aspiration of people of Jammu and Kashmir, said Syed Ali Geelani. Since 1947 we have presented 6 lakh precious sacrifices and we are pursuing right to self-determination and we have out rightly rejected four point formula presented by Parvaiz Musharaf. India and Pakistan are signatory to eighteen UN resulutions and while commenting

over election processes, Syed Ali Geelani said that election boycott is a right and there should be no bullying and no need to compel anybody to cast vote against his wishes as it is a fundamental right, said Syed Ali Geelani. Election boycott is nothing new and even it is practiced in other states when people resent for mismanagement of authorities. Syed Ali Geelani said that when a nation is deprived of their basic rights and denied right to freedom then they have every right to show resentment and boycott election processes and it is state terrorism if people are compelled to cast their vote against their wishes, added Syed Ali Geelani. Meanwhile Hurriyat Conference while strongly lashing at pro-Indian parties said that they in a desperate move to grab power on shrived politics are luring bureaucrats with criminal and treacherous record. It is quite dangerous move and strongly criticizing PDP, NC Congress and all other pro-Indian parties for their deceptive politics .Hurriyat said that their politics is based on selfishness and are sworn enemies of people of Jammu and Kashmir, declared Hurriyat. They do not follow any principal and have no criteria and thrust all those with criminal back-up. These bureaucrats and retired top brass official during their tenure were accorded with medals for their insensitive and brutal record and added though they should have been rejected but instead they are accorded red carpet treatment and even designated as contesting candidates for upcoming elections.

It illustrates that all political parties have now turned into a band of assassins, declared Hurriyat. Referring to previous record of Usman Majeed (Congress) Aashiq Bukhari (PDP) Rashid Billa (NC) P S Gill and Farooq Khan (BJP) Khursheed Khan (PC) Hurriyat Conference elicited that what all they did during their reign is yet fresh and we can’t forget those innocents who were subjected mercilessly to torture and brutalities by all these in torture centers of Jammu and Kashmir. Criticizing the approach of political parties, Hurriyat said they by allowing them to come at forefront, are rubbing salt into our wounds and they should answer how they indorsed these infamous bureaucrats to join their file and ranks as their hands are smeared with the blood of thousands of innocent Kashmiri people.

How can they justify this as they in a move to grab power welcome all those swindlers who during their tenure looted and showered bullets over innocents. It is quite perturbing and now at a stage when they were shown door after completing their services how it suits the interests of parties to shower their respects and regards for these officers as their very existence is a source of constant sore and they have to be responsible for their deeds as it is law of nature ,said Hurriyat Conference .Referring to BJP, Hurriyat reiterated that policy of BJP with respect to Kashmir is no more hidden and they nourish enmity with people of Kashmir .They in order to garner sympathy wave have kick started membership drive in Jammu and Kashmir and some people with no morality have lend their helping hand. It is for their monetary gains that they joined their hands with BJP. While commenting over anti-Muslim stance and record of BJP Hurriyat said that BJP and its allies brutally killed lakh of Muslims in nook and corner of India. Hurriyat asked those joining BJP that they should explain that how all their activities suite their interests keeping in view the anti-Muslim stance of BJP and its sister organizations .It is synonymous to provide vote and support to killers of Muslim community, declared Hurriyat Conference.

All people need to introspect and look that their hands are smeared with our blood and if they are voted to seat of power they once again will come out with their callous approach and it will prove detrimental for ongoing freedom movement. Hurriyat in a strong voice said that election boycott will definitely serve a purpose for freedom movement and it will prove tough for India to cash assembly election nor they can intimidate us over the pretext that people casted their votes.Hurriyat Conference in a passionate appeal to people of Jammu and Kashmir urged to stay away from poling process as casting of vote tantamount to betrayal with the blood of six lakh martyrs .We owe a debt and obligation towards martyrs and we are custodian of their precious sacrifices for freedom movement .Meanwhile Syed Ali Geelani expressed his deep grief over the accidental death of Mohammad Ashraf Hafiz and Nadeem Ahmad Chapori an accident at Tanga Bagh Buliward and extended his condolence to bereaved families .It has become now a routine for forces as they enjoy impunity under the garb of AFSPA as there is no legal or constitutional check for their deeds.

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