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Aims amending unique constitutional status, ‘State Subject law’|Jehlum Post News| Srinagar| Dec 12, 2014| Asserting altthat BJP’s Mission 44+ is nothing than a hidden agenda of weakening the socio-political status of Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Minister and National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah Friday said that BJP has a plan to change the demography of the state. Omar while continuing the election campaign inside the various areas of Srinagar city during the wee hours, cautioned people that BJP under the garb of Mission 44+ is actually aiming to weaken or remove the state subject law which provides a special status to the citizens of the Jammu and Kashmir.

  “It’s not that BJP is eyeing the 44+ seats of the legislative assembly but their actual mission is to erode the special status enjoyed by the state and they want to begin with the state subject law,” Omar cautioned “By the virtue of which they will try to erode the identity, the multi-pluralistic culture and the Kashmiriyat of the state,” He warned that removing the state subject law will enable people from other states of India to purchase land and property in the state, which will eventually end up changing the demography of the state and turning the majority population into minority. Omar said Mission 44+ is the extended version of BJP’s ideology which is entirely based on "Ek Vidhan, Ek Pradhan aur Ek Nishan” (one country, one constitution, and one national emblem) and their aim is only to weaken the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.   

“People of Jammu and Kashmir are well versed with the divisive, sectarian and regional bias nurtured by BJP since its inception,” he said. Omar said NC is the only party that guarantees to protect the special status, state’s own flag and own constitution and people should vote for NC candidates in huge numbers to protect their identity.  He said no power on earth can revoke Article 370 which is the foundation and basis of the relationship between the state and the rest of country.

“The revocation of article 370 will weaken the integrity of the country and pose a serious threat to the peace in state. But BJP is adamant on revoking this article and PDP is ready to help them to realise this dream,” Omar said.  He further said whenever the Legislative Assembly discussed important socio, political and economic developmental issues pertaining to the state in the last six years to give a fillip to the process of progress, the PDP legislators preferred remaining absent from the House and tried their best to sabotage the proceedings of the Legislature. “In line with these facts, it was Mufti Sayeed who brought the Women's Rights bill and Transfer of Property bill in the legislative assembly that were the first overt steps to weaken the constitution of the state. Even then, National Conference opposed these moves tooth and nail,” he said.      

Omar was campaigning for the National Conference candidates inside various areas of the city which include Wethpora, Wethpora zoo, Lasjan, Panthachowk, Khanmoh, Zevan, Brane, Karpora, Manzgam, Dhangpora, Khadi Mohalla Ishber, and Theed. At karpora PDP Halqa President from Nishat Abdul Ahad joined NC and was welcomed into the party fold. Omar said elections today in Kashmir are National Conference versus all other political parties who have connived to defeat this party.
“Like 1977, all the political parties while taking the undue advantage of Sher-i-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah’s ill health, are working in unison to defeat NC now taking the advantage of Dr Farooq Abdullah’s ill health,” he said and continued “But National conference is a strong cadre based party the historic decisions of which people will remember for generations to come- land to tiller, free education and freedom to press,”

“The dedication of our cadres and workers will defeat the nefarious designs of those hell bent upon to weaken the NC.” Lashing out at President of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Amit Shah for falsifying facts about the amount released for the flood victims, Omar said Shah should see the magnitude of these floods and 1700 crore isn’t even enough to raise the basic infrastructure in the state. “If Shah is actually concerned about Kashmiris and their sufferings, what is stopping his government from approving the 44,000 crore for relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims?” he asked. He said rather than being serious about the miseries of the flood victims, the central government with the help PDP and congress imposed elections on us and NC otherwise wanted to contests the elections in March- April, so that to work effectively for the rehabilitation of the flood victims.

“We could never imagine foisting elections on a devastated people who were sleeping under the open sky and whose homes were shattered. PDP and BJP are two sides of the same coin when it comes to their lack of empathy and ruthlessness towards the flood victims,” he said. The whole world knows that most important government institutions like civil secretariat or High Court and other important institutions were under water and we had submitted a proposal to the centre for releasing 44,00 crore so that the hospitals which still san the CT-scan or X-ray machines and other important facilities could have been developed.

“Infrastructure in schools and college’s could have been again installed and the officials of the revenue department would have been engaged to work effectively for flood victims rather than being part of the elections,” he said. “We had asked the amount so that to pay 9lakh for every damaged house, 6-7lakh for partially damaged and free loan for the businessmen so that they could have revived the business again. But rather than helping the flood victims, the BJP was imposed the elections on people,” he added.  Omar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP "deliberately" stalled the relief and rehabilitation package submitted by his government to make the flood-hit people struggle and shiver in the winter chill.

Omar said National Conference represents the aspirations of people of all regions, sub-regions and all sections of the society and its popularity and faith of masses in NC's policy programmes are its strengths and credentials.He said work done by National Conference-led government in the last six years speaks loud and clear across the state. Omar said Mufti Sayeed and many other leaders from state congress must have seen this as an opportunity to lobby for power and elections and it is apparent in how all PDP leaders, including its MPs rushed to Delhi during the floods to seek early elections rather than being with their people. On the occasion, Omar was accompanied by other senior leaders of National Conference which include MLC Ghulam Qadir Pardesi, Senior NC leader Sajad Shaheen, Tanvir Sadiq and Advocate Ehsan Pardesi .

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