Geelani: GoI responsible for youth opting for gun, ‘Instead of Pen’ Print
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altJehlum Post News/Srinagar/Jan 28, 2015/While paying glorious tributes to the two local youths who were martyred in Trall gunfight, Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday said that due to the rigid and stubborn approach of the Indian government, the youths are opting for gun instead of pen and this policy is costing further precious human lives in the region. He said that the sacred blood of the martyrs will never go in vain and sooner or later India has to accept the ground realities regarding the Kashmir.On the direction of Geelani sahib a Hurriyat delegation constituted of the pro-freedom leader Bashir Ahmad Qurashi, Sayed Mohi-ud-din Andrabi, Shakeel Ahmad Bhat and other activists today visited

Mandoora Trall where they participated in the funeral procession and prayers of the Martyred youths and expressed their sympathy with the family members of the deceased. In a press statement from New Delhi, the Hurriyat chairman said that the violent path adopted by the Kashmiri youth is not any act of hobby and nor is it the result of the unemployment.

They are the students of different colleges and universities who are fully aware about the historical perspective and the tragedy of Kashmir. These children’s have themselves witnessed the people’s revolutions of 2008 and 2010 in which millions of people came out on the roads and demanded their right to self-determination and reminded India about his forgotten promises. Geelani sahib said that however the way in which India reacted to this peaceful freedom movement of Kashmir, it disheartened the younger generation of the Kashmir and they began to think about the other options of the struggle. He said that all the youths who picked up guns after the 2010 were well and highly educated fellows. The pro-freedom leader said that due to the stubbornness of India, a different mentality is developing among the younger generation of the Kashmir and it will be uncontrollable for everybody. The global scenarios continue to change and the atrocities and injustice doesn’t have longer lives. The Kashmir policy of the Indian government is in no way based on any intellect or the farsightedness and this policy has been fruitless in the past and it will prove to be ineffective in the future also. While remembering the martyred youths of Trall gunfight, Geelani sahib said that by sacrificing their pious lives, these brave-hearts of our soil are placing a heavy responsibility on the nation. It is now the moral and religious responsibility of we people to carry forward their mission and do not indulge in any such act which will have any possibility of harming our sacred freedom movement. He said that every child of Kashmir is although by heart against the forced occupation of India but we commit such mistakes which lengthen our rout to success. We have to mend our ways and this will be the best kind of tributes to the martyrs of this soil.

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