PM Modi: Delhi will see magical change under BJP Print
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altJPNN/New Delhi/ Feb 3, 2015 /In his final rally before voting in the Delhi Assembly elections on February 7, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a large crowd at Rohini in New Delhi on Tuesday, promising to coorect all that went wrong in the Capital during the 15-year-rule of the Congress. "Congress ruined Delhi for 15 years; then "temporary players" arrived on the scene ruining another year for you. It is time for us to correct everything that has gone wrong over the past 16 years in Delhi,"the Prime Minister said.

Stating that the world identifies India with Delhi, he said the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) backstabbed Delhi. "AAP's doublespeak on Congress support, metro travel and business class travel stand exposed," he claimed. Referring to the Congress, Mr. Modi said: "No body talks about the mother-son duo now." He said the Congress "criticizes us for bringing ordinances, even if it is to provide relief to e-rickshaw drivers." Referring to the AAP, he said: "Those who had access to even Swiss bank account details of others are not aware who funded them." The Prime Minister said the Congress lost credibility over 25 years. AAP lost credibility the day they were born. He said only two governments in India's history have managed to curb inflation. "One was Morarji's, the second is mine." Mr. Modi stressed the nNeed to turn the capital that runs on generators into a power-generator capital. Agency

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