Amit Shah slams Rahul Gandhi’s remark on Kashmir situation Print
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altaltJPNN/Agartala /Apr 27, 2015 /BJP President Amit Shah today criticized Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for his observation that he saw no change in the situation at Kashmir border under the present Narendra Modi government from that during the UPA regime. Addressing a public gathering, Shah said, "Rahul says what is the difference at the border in Kashmir now and during UPA regime? Earlier there were

exchanges of fire at the border between the security forces of India and Pakistan and now also the same thing is being repeated. Where is the difference?" Shah pointed out that security forces now acted tough and retaliated to cross-border firing in a befitting manner, saying, "If they throw bricks, we retaliate with stones (Eet ka jabab ham patthoro se dete hain)."Shah claimed that what the UPA government could not do in the last ten years, the NDA government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi, did in the last 11 months."Modi government took an initiative to bring black money and enacted a law that there would be 10 years of imprisonment if anybody was found to be involved with the black money," he said.The BJP president alleged that the Communists had supported the UPA government which had been involved in different scams involving more than 12 lakh crore.On the other hand, no opposition political party could bring any corruption charge against the present NDA government.He charged the Left Front government, which has been ruling Tripura for the last 22 years, with failing to develop the state, particularly in the tribal areas."There are no roads or drinking water supply or uninterrupted power supply, but the government boasts of development in the state. This government in real sense is against development because they want that the poor remain poor and unless there is no poor they would not be able to rule them," Shah asserted.He claimed that the present government would be replaced in the next Assembly election in 2018 by a BJP government.Shah said the NDA government wanted real development to come to the "beautiful north-eastern region" and that was the reason for converting the "Look East policy" into an "Act East policy".Agency

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