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altJehlum Post News/Srinagar/June 2, 2015/Expressing its satisfaction over the clarification given by the United Jihad Council (UJC) about the “Lashkar-i-Islam” organization, All Parties Hurriyat Conference Tuesday said that this has now proved that the said terror organization is the brain child of the Indian secret agencies on the pattern of “Al-Faran” group and its only purpose is to harm and defame the freedom struggle and economics of Kashmir and to disturb the social setup of the state. Hurriyat conference revealed that they have got important evidence in this regard which authenticates the claims of the Jihad Council and it proves that the “Lashkar-i-Islam” is the creation of the Indian secret agencies. In Tuesday’s press release, Hurriyat said that on 31 May Sunday, Hurriyat Chairman Syed Ali Geelani had appealed the UJC to find out the truth behind the lesser known organization “Lashkar-i-Islam” who are killing and threatening the people related to the telecommunication system in the Valley. Jihad Council gave detailed explanation in this regard and during this period Hurriyat conference also got evidence of this process that the attacking and threatening of the communication related people is actually the handy work of the Indian secret agencies and a plot in this regard was formulated some months back according to which an operation will be held in the guise of Mujahideens and this operation was also given a particular name. And according to these evidences, it looks that this operation is directly looked over by the Indian home ministry and the state administration and even the state police has been deliberately left ignorant in this regard like in the case of Al-Faran group creation and how this organization at first kidnapped and then killed the five innocent European tourists and the state administration and the police were totally unaware about it. According to the statement, where today’s operation is meant to damage the economical and social setup of the Kashmir, according to the reports received by the Hurriyat conference, the pro-freedom leaders can be the target of this operation. Hurriyat cautioned that if any kind of untoward happened with any pro-freedom leader, it will have serious consequences and all its responsibility will be on the Indian home ministry. Hurriyat said that this operation is also an attempt to cut-off and isolate the Kashmir from the outer world and India want to keep the world community into dark about the human rights violations committed by its forces in Jammu & Kashmir.

Hurriyat conference further said that emergence of the “Lashkar-i-Islam” immediately after the statement of Indian home minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar that “the terrorism will be eliminated by the terrorism and target killings” has something hidden in it and it also proves the apprehensions and the doubts of the people right that the Ikhwani culture will again to be started in Jammu & Kashmir but this time in any other form. According to the statement, the person who is said to be the architect of the “Ikhwanies” (renegades) in 90’s and who have earned his name in formulation conspiracies, is today at the highest position in the policy makers in New Delhi and is second authority after the Narender Modi in India, so this notion can’t be out rightly rejected that the “Lashkar-i-Islam” is the creation of the same brain and once again he wants to play a bloody game in this troubled state and create an atmosphere of terror and horror. Hurriyat further said that according to the government figures, there are few Mujahideen left in whole of the Jammu & Kashmir and they too are very cautious and vigilant and due to the strong spy network, they hardly manage to expose themselves. Hurriyat however questioned that since the surfacing of the “Lashkar-i-Islam”, it seems that there are militants everywhere and not only this but they openly in the broad day light kill and threaten people and paste threat posters on the roads and army and police are totally unaware about this. This kind of bravery attempts are only done by those persons who are either sponsored by the government or have any type of links with the secret agencies. Hurriyat further said that the impolite language which the personals of the “Lashkar-i-Islam” are using with the people related to the telecommunication, has never been the manner of the real Mujahideens and nor they use abusive language. Hurriyat conference appealed the people that not to worry and terrify and don’t lose hope. It is a temporary phase and this plot of the intelligence agencies will also fail to succeed in achieving its goal likewise in the past and Kashmiri nation will carry forward their just struggle at any cost and in any way. Indian wicked policies will prove curse for them and it will prove blessings in disguise for we people.

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