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Thursday, 11 June 2015 13:30

altJehlum Post News/Srinagar/June 10, 2015/While terming the martyrdom of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat activist Shaikh Altaf-ul-Rehman as an irreplaceable loss who was Tuesday killed by the government gunmen on the directions of the Indian intelligence agencies, Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday called for holding of funeral prayers in absentia for Sheikh Sahib at every district headquarter on 12 June Friday and a peaceful protest demonstration for half an hour after the Friday prayers against this brutal murder. He said that in the backdrop of the statement of Indian defiance minister and the circumstantial evidences, we had earlier expressed our apprehension that a new phase of “Ikhwanie” culture and target killings of the pro-freedom leaders and people will start in Kashmir and today the martyrdom of Shaikh Altaf have validated our statement.Geelani Sahab however said that this new plot against the pro-freedom people of Kashmir will met the same fate which it met in 90s and it will Inshahallah prove a temporary phase. Meanwhile All Parties Hurriyat Conference expressed its surprise and sorrow over the role of few people having ill-mentality who have every time tried to infect the freedom struggle of Kashmir with their poisonous thinking and had always tried to spread anarchy and disorder. These people even today are trying to create confusion and chaos amoung the common masses by using fake identities over the social networking sites like Facebook and are targeting the Islamists and pro-freedom personalities just out of hatred and spite. Hurriyat Conference said that these are those people who in 90s used to gain pleasure from the killing of the Jamaat-e-Islami members (Rukunes) at the hands of the ikhwanies (government gunmen) and used to term that terrorism of the ikhwanies as the group clashes. These ill-minded people used to term the clashes with the ikhwanies as the ‘war of monopoly’ and were holding Mujahideens responsible for all that.


The statement further reads that these people have once again begin to play the same role of making the conducive atmosphere for the “Indian policies” of killing the pro-freedom and Islamist people in the Kashmir and intentionally or unintentionally they are providing justification for these policies. Hurriyat conference is fully aware about the negative thinking of these few people and it is a proven fact that the existence of the Islamist people is intolerable for them and despite so much make-up, they are unable to hide their hatredness. They have constructed a fake world around them and are misunderstanding that the whole world runs according to their thinking. Hurriyat Conference explained that in whatever shape and in whichever character are these people active, they are not hidden from us and if their poisonous thinking become the reason for any other killing, we will be left with no other option to expose them.

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