Are the pellet guns made for Kashmir alone? Print
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altThe recent violence in Jammu and Kashmir triggered after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen militant Burhan Wani on July 8 by security forces, has brought pellet guns into focus.

To control the protesters, pellets were fired that have injured hundreds of protesters till now. The use of pellet guns and the number of fatal eye injuries in the Valley has resulted in a huge outcry and severe criticism.

Official figures showed that 8904 civilians were injured after security forces used pellet guns on protesters.

Those received pellet injuries were mostly teenagers who lost their vision now living in pain and suffer for entire life.

The harm caused by pellets: Pellets, loaded with lead, penetrate the skin’s soft tissues, and the eye being the delicate structure is the most vulnerable to damage. When a pellet hits the eyes, it shatters tissues causing multiple damages.

Though, police claim that it is a “non-lethal weapon”, doctors treating pellet victims say it maims a person forever- causing partial or complete blindness. The use of pellet guns, by the J&K Police, have come under serious criticism and there has been a huge outcry over its use, for the severe nature of injuries inflicted on protesters.

So the BIG Question is that why only in Kashmir. There had been so many violent protests in other parts of the Country, but these lethal weapons were not used anywhere. Why only Kashmir??

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