Mirwaiz: Demilitarize Kashmir, expresses grief over Tosamaidan causality Print
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altJehlum Post News|Srinagar| July 16, 2014| Laying down the blessings and benefits of the holy month of Ramazaan, APHC Chairman and head of Muthaida Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU), Mirwaiz Dr. Molvi Mohammad Umar Farooq has called upon the people to wholeheartedly contribute towards the ongoing mission of MMU to purge the society of ills and build a welfare society based on high moral values. Addressing a gathering at Rang Masjid Shairef Hawal Wednesday, Mirwaiz said that the Muslims around the world were sufferings since they had strayed away from the teachings of Islam and love for the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (PBUH). He stated that that Islam has laid special emphases on earning livelihood through right means. He said striving for the livelihood through transparent ways was equivalent to the Jehad in the path of Allah. Referring to Kashmir

dispute, Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman stated that Kashmiris were suffering. He stated that till Kashmir issue is not solved either by implementing UN resolutions or through result oriented tripartite talks keeping in view the aspirations and emotions of people, the region will remain devoid of stability and economic prosperity.Expressing regret and grief over the death of 23 year old Bilal Ahmad at Tosa Maidan and injuring of other two persons, Mirwaiz stated that Hurriyat has opposed tooth and nail to grant lease of the place to army. He stated that under tremendous pressure, government stopped the lease, but the area was not cleared of littered shells  which was becoming cause of deaths. Mirwaiz reiterated the Hurriyat demand of demilitarizing the Kashmir and revoking of black laws which provide immunity to armed forces. He said till these two major demands are not met, Hurriyat would continue to raise them since they are the main cause of Kashmiri deaths and sufferings.

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