Witness in Salman 'hit-and-run' case turns 'hostile' Print

altJPNN|Rebecca Samervel Mumbai| Jun 25, 2014| A witness in the 2002 hit-and-run case allegedly involving actor Salman Khan turned "hostile" on Tuesday after he denied telling the police that on the night of the incident he had seen the actor getting out of the car or fleeing from the scene. This is the first witness among 12 examined so far who has backtracked on his earlier statement given to the police. Public prosecutor J V Kenjalkar said, "After the witness did not support the prosecution's case, I informed the court that the prosecution has declared him as hostile." A second witness, the fourth injured victim, though, identified Khan as being present at the scene. Khan was present in the court. Judge D W Deshpande adjourned the proceedings to Wednesday when one more witness is expected to be examined. At the end of the hearing that lasted an hour and a half, the prosecution told the court that four witnesses summoned by

the court were untraceable. The first to depose, Sachin Kadam, a security guard at Neelsagar, a restaurant opposite the accident spot at Hill Road, Bandra West, said, "It is incorrect to say that I am trying to save Salman Khan." During his deposition, Kadam told the court: "I did not say that I saw Salman Khan getting down from the driver's side of the car. I did not tell the police that people were saying that he had caused the accident." The witness also denied that he told the police he saw Khan running away from the spot. "In my statement to the police, I said that one car came and crashed into the bakery's shutter," Kadam said. The injured witness, Mohammed Shaikh, who also worked at the American Express bakery, told the court he was stuck under the vehicle along with another victim, Nurullah Sharif, who later succumbed to his injuries. He told the court his statement was recorded at Bhabha Hospital where he was admitted for a month and a half as he had sustained leg injuries. Sahikh recollected seeing Khan at the scene after he was rescued from under the car. Shaikh said he was not aware if Khan was helping in rescuing the victims. All the four victims, including the deceased, were pavement dwellers. Shaikh had told the court he heard taxi drivers and bakery workers that Salman had caused the accident. TNN

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