Musharraf survives assassination attempt in Pak Print
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altJPNN|Islamabad| April 3, 2014| Former president Pervez Musharraf narrowly escaped an assassination attempt

as a bomb went off shortly before his convoy was due to pass early Thursday, police said. The former military ruler was on his way to Chak Shahzad farmhouse from the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology, where he has been staying since January 2, when the bomb went off. “Four kilogrammes of explosive material  planted in a pipeline under a bridge  exploded around 20 minutes before the former president was supposed to cross the spot,” senior police official Liaqat Niazi said. On March 31, the Special Court had formally charged Musharraf for imposing emergency rule in the country in 2007. The former army chief had appeared before the three-judge bench and had rejected all charges against him. Charges against him Five charges have been levelled against him. First, he is accused of issuing “an unconstitutional and unlawful Proclamation of Emergency Order, 2007” on November 3 of that year, where he subverted the Constitution. Secondly, he is also charged with issuing the Provisional Constitution Order No 1 of 2007 that empowered the president to amend the 1973 Constitution from time to time and he also suspended the Fundamental Rights enshrined in Articles 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 19 and 25 of the Constitution.Moreover, as president, he issued an ‘Oath of Office (Judges) Order, 2007’ whereby an oath was, unconstitutionally and unlawfully, introduced in the schedule, which was the third charge. “This order also resulted in the removal of numerous judges of the superior courts, including the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan.” The fourth charge was that on November 20, 2007, he issued Order 5 of 2007 i.e. Constitution (Amendment) Order, 2007 “whereby Articles 175, 186-A, 198, 218, 270B and 270C were, unconstitutionally and unlawfully, amended and Article 270AAA was added to the Constitution”. “On December, 14, 2007 as president, he issued an unconstitutional and unlawful Order 6 of 2007, Constitution (Second Amendment) Order, 2007, whereby the Constitution was unconstitutionally and unlawfully amended…”, was the final charge on the former military ruler. All the five charges are offences of high treason punishable under Section 2 of the High Treason (Punishment) Act, 1973, according to the charge sheet. AFP

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