Elizabeth Taylor ‘last of the Hollywood greats’ has died Print
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Wednesday 23 March 2011| Grazia Daily is sad to report that Dame Elizabeth Taylor has  passed away elizabeth taylor at the age of 79. The double Oscar-winning actress had a long history of ill health and died today...Grazia Daily is sad to report that Dame Elizabeth Taylor, one of the 20th Century's biggest movie stars, has died at the age of 79. Although frail and in poor  health for some time now, Liz Taylor was not only loved for being one of the world's most beautiful women, her never-boring wedding(s) to Richard Burton, her unique eye for jewels or establishing once and for all THE image of Cleopatra we all have in our heads but above all, for being a survivor and inspiring many by enduring a lot and never losing her sense of humour (Johnny Depp called her an astonishingly great broad!).So, Rest In Peace to a woman that lived life to the full, battled alcohol and painkiller addictions, totalled a very respectable seven marriages, and somehow managed to get nominated for an Oscar four times and raise millions as a passionate fundraiser in the battle against AIDS. Here's how we'd like to remember her...Agency

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