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Priyanka Bhattacharya

A dab of colour on the lips can liven up even the most tired of faces and it looks the freshest if the colour is pink.A lip colour be it a gloss or a lipstick is an iconic cosmetic that is a must in a woman's vanity case. Says makeup artist and trainer Samantha Kocchar, "Lipstick is the most important item of makeup. No woman's make up bag should be without few key shades." The key most shade is pink. You can pick any tone be it bright, earthy, sheer, or neutral but keeping a pink lipstick is as essential to your makeup kit as a toothpaste in your toilet bag.But then lipstick is not a new phenomenon when it comes to makeup. Women even in the olden days in Greece, Egypt, India, Babylonia, and Persia used a blend of beeswax and pigment mostly red or coral to colour their lips. Egyptians most likely devised the method of making and applying lipstick to

enhance their looks.While practically all feasible colours that look great on skin have been translated into lipsticks, there is one hue that holds forth season after season. We are talking about pink a quintessential feminine shade that works for women of all ages. Stylist Jojo says, "A slick of sheer pink lipstick is the best way to open up your complexion. Also it is a good idea to stash a pink lipstick in your purse, it can be used as a blush and an eye shadow, when you have no other makeup handy." M.A.C's senior makeup artist Vimi Joshi loves a pop of bubblegum pink on the lips. "It's a fun, young hue that adds character to your face. Gloss adds instant shine and softness but lipstick has the staying power," she says. So how do you choose the right pink? First of all, most Indian girls look good in pink that has red undertones. We also look good in earthy pink tone. Girls with lighter skin tones can look at pink that have blue undertone, but a sheer texture is good in that case. You can also try a pearly pink colour. The darker your skin tone, the more pigment you can wear. For girls with darker skin tone, a creamy mid-tone pink look best. You can even pick earthy pinks in creamy matte texture. Sheer pinks can get lost in your lips. For those with medium tone, try fuchsia with a red undertone or an earthy pink hue. A beige pink is the best nude hue to keep for all.

 How to wear your pink

When wearing your pink lipstick, make sure to moisten your lips with good lip balm. Exfoliate your lips gently if you have chapped lips. Then apply the colour directly from the tube. Avoid using a liner. In fact pearly pink lipsticks are great ones to hide badly chapped lips.

1. To go nude with pink look for beige with a rose tone that will open up your complexion. Pick a sheer texture rather than matte. It goes for almost all skin tones.

2. Those who like bright pinks fuchsia or hot pinks are very popular but texture needs to be quite creamy. Use a brush to put the colour on. Keep it on your natural lip line for a dramatic effect.

3. Avoid frosty pink shade as it can make you look ashen and tired. For a pink with a hint of purple look for a satiny matte texture. Try this only if you are very fair.

We Like: 1. Lancôme La Laque Fever in Fuchsia, 1,500; 2. Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss in Pink Diamonds, 550; 3. Estee Lauder Tender Lip Balm in Rose, 1,300; 4. MAC Cremesheen in Pink Nouveau, 920; 5. Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in soft pink, 1,100.Agency



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