Government of Jammu and Kashmir J&K Services Selection Board Syllabus for written test (Objective Type) for the posts having Graduation as basic qualification. Print
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Government of Jammu and Kashmir

J&K Services Selection Board



Sub:               Syllabus for written test (Objective Type) for the posts having Graduation as basic qualification.

Time: 03 Hrs.

Marks: 180


Unit-I         GENERAL ENGLISH                                                                                        30 Marks

(I)           Tenses

(II)          Rearranging of jumbled sentences.

(III)        Narration

(IV)         Models

(V)          Articles

(VI)         Comprehension with blanks to be filled in with

Phrases, Pronouns, Homonyms / homophones.

(VII)       Clauses

(VIII)     Synonyms and antonyms

(IX)      Pairs of words and their use in meaningful sentences.

(X)       Idioms and phrases.

(XI)      Uses of Prepositions.



Unit-II      GENERAL KNOWLEDGE AND CURRENT AFFAIRS                                           40 Marks



(I)        Important dates in Indian History / Freedom struggle, different dates and events.

(II)       First in world (Adventure, Sports, Discoveries).

     First in India (Adventure, Sports, Discoveries).

(III)        Popular names of Personalities (Religion, Politics, Scientific discoveries, Geographical,       

     Sports, History)

(IV)      The Newspaper world – (Current Dailies & Weeklies of India).

(V)       Books & Authors – General

(VI)      Languages.

(VII)       Capitals & Currencies.

(VIII)     United Nations Organisations – Veto Powers

     No. of Countries as its Members.

     Principal organs and their functions.


(X)       Everyday Science

(XI)      World famous Awards - (1. in Science)

(2. in Literature)

(3. in Sports)

(XII)       National Awards -           (1. in Science)

(2. in Literature)

(3. in Sports)

(XIII)     The world of Sports

(XIV)      Climate & Crops in India.

(XV)        Democratic institutions

(XVI)      Forms of Government

(XVII)    Political & Physical divisiions of world & India

(XVIII)   Important rivers & Lakes in India.

(XIX)      Current Events of Natioal and International Level.

(XX)        Role of Mathematics in Economics.

(XXI)      Agriculture in economic development; Industrialization and economic development.

(XXII)    Indian Foreign Trade

(XXIII)   New economic reforms and growth of foreign trade.

(XXIV)   Inflation – Concept and types; Causes and consequences


(I)           Abbrevations, Important dates, popular names of personalities and their achievements/    

Contribution (National and International).

(II)       Constitution of J&K – Formation, Fundamental rights, Directive Principles.

(III)        Weather, Climate, Crops, Means of Transport.

(IV)      Important power projects and their impact on State Economy.

(V)       Rivers and Lakes.

(VI)      Important Tourist Destinations.

(VII)       History of J&K State.

(VIII)     Historical places of the State and their importance.

(IX)      RTI Act.

(X)  Indus Water Treaty and its impact on State economy.

Unit-VI            GENERAL SCIENCE                                                                                    30 Marks


(i)            Various sources of energy; conventional sources of energy; improvement in technology for using conventional source of energy (Biomass and wind energy)

(ii)           Non-conventional sources of energy (Solar energy,Tidal energy).

(iii)          Mechanics, Rest, motion, Velocites, acceleration, Newton Laws of motion,

(iv)          Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power, D.C Batteries

(v)           Waves, light as a wave, Sound waves, Transverse and longitudinal waves.

(vi)          Structure of Atom

(vii)         Solids, Liqids and Gases(Basics)

(viii)        Life processes: Nutrition and its types, Respiration, Transportation of water, food and minerals in plants.

(ix)          Vitamins- Dieases related to vitamin deficiency.

(x)           Environmental pollution.

(xi)          Ecosystem – Its components, Food chains and Food webs.

(xii)         Ozone layer, its depletion, Green House Effect.

(xiii)        Importance of water in life


Unit-V              MENTAL ABILITY TEST                                                                            30 Marks



(I)           Number series.

(II)          Letter series.

(III)        Coding decoding.

(IV)         Direction sense.

(V)          Blood relations.

(VI)         Mathematical reasoning.

(VII)       Speed, Distance and Time.

(VIII)     Statements and conclusions.

(IX)         Logical Reasoning.

(X)          Mental Reasoning.

Unit-VII         Computer Applications                                                                              30 Marks

(I)           Fundamentals of computer sciences

(II)          Hardware & Software

(III)        Input and output devices

(IV)         Operating system

(V)          M.S Word,M.S Excel, M.S Acess and Powerpoint Presentation

(VI)         E_mail & Internet




Services Selection Board

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